places and sights worth visiting!

Zaros is an area ideally situated so that its visitors can have easy access to many sights, gather information about the village and the surrounding areas as well as get to know the temperament of the local people.

The most well known sight is the lake in Votomos, a location with a unique beauty located around 1 kilometre outside the village. The route is amazing and filled to the brink with green scenery and the wonderful aroma of sage and thyme.

At the lake is where the path that leads to the monastary of Ag. Nikolaos begins. A monastary situated among green scenery and running waters, we can see the two sides of the mountain facing each other. This marks the entrance for the well-known canyon of Zaros.

The canyon of Zaros is the second most popular sight in the area. The flora we encounter while crossing the canyon is abundant in flowers and herbs, some of which exist in no other part of Greece. At the end of the route is the Rouvas Forest, one of the last remaining oak forests on the country.

Continuing your tour of the areas sights, do not miss the opportunity to visit Moni Vrontisiou.

Built on the slope of Mt. Psiloriti and with a view that will enchant you along with a large, clean yard with two large plane trees gracing its entrance, welcoming you to the Abbot’s hospitality, your visit here will be a most memorable experience. During the 17th century the Monastary was an important spiritual and art awareness centre. Here you can see and admire religious paintings created by Damaskinos.

Don’t forget to visit the Monastary of Ag. Fanourios in the area of Valsamonero, the first religious painting school in Crete. Some have actually reported that it was the school where Ioanni Damaskinos taught the art of religious painting to our great painter Dominikos Theotokopolous.

It would an oversight to not go for a walk through the alleys of the village and come across the wonderful people and personalities. See the churches of Ag. Giorgi and Ag. Kiriaki in addition to the ecclesiastical museum of Ieras Mitropolis.

The historical monastaries located around the village are an ideal choice for walking or biking, as well as the archeaological sites in Gortina, Faestos and Agia Triada which are only half an hour away from the village and easily accessible by car.

If you are an ocean fan, you can find the beaches of Matala, Kalamaki and Kokkino Pirgo only half an hour away from the village, where you can go and enjoy your swim.


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