Nana Traditional Apartments

Welcome to Nana Apartments

in Zaros, Heraklion, Crete

Live the myth of Crete in Zaros! Come and join us!

Seize the opportunity to partake in the traditional way of making local meals cooked in our own olive oil, sit and share with us drinks of raki under the enchanting sounds of lira and lagouto.

We will show you the steps for the routines of Cretan traditional songs! Live Crete as it really is, close to nature and healthy way of life without worrying about the language; grasp some paper and a pen and we will teach you everything you need to know!

We promise you you will never be the same person again!

Our Hotel

Each autonomous apartment, adorned with warm colour schemes and traditional elements, creates a familiar environment giving you the feeling that you are at your own country cottage.


The village Zaros

Our beautiful and graphic village, Zaros, is situated 45 kilometres south of Heraklion in a luscious green valley at the foot of Mt. Psiloriti at an altitude of about 450 metres. The village of Zaros constitutes a large part of the southern..




We organize climbing tours in groups in the entire area of Zaros and Mt. Psiloritis. Our experienced guides will help you climb the mountain via the European paths E4.


Cooking with Nana

Learn to cook traditional Cretan dishes during your stay in NANA Apartments! We will choose together the vegetables and the herbs, fresh from our garden or from the orchards of our village.






Events and activities


Walking along quiet paths, visiting our historical sights, mountain climbing, climbing and biking are the ways to fill in your free time when visiting our village. more …