Unforgettable experiences designed for you!

Zaros is suitable for all those who love nature and want to live unique experiences!
Get to know the treasures of the area while enjoying any activity you wish,
visit nearby villages and discover the art of making traditional instruments.


If you love cycling then Zaros is the ideal place for you! Those of you who are involved in mountain biking and like intense excitements, will find dirt trails that you can enjoy nearby. If you like quiet walks, then you can discover the village by bike.


Zaros is surrounded by mountains so it is a good opportunity to try mountaineering and enjoy the absolute tranquility and freedom that nature generously offers. There are many nearby routes that you can try to climb. Whether you are trying mountaineering for the first time or you love this sport for a while, in Zaros you will find routes that will excite you.


When you get to know the gastronomy of a place, you understand more about it. Cretan cuisine is famous all over the world both for its wonderful flavors, and for the local products produced here. While you are on the island, try as many traditional recipes as you can to experience new flavors and delicious ingredients.


If you love nature and want to wander in enchanting landscapes then hiking is the No. 1 activity you can do in Zaros. There are several wonderful different routes from which you can choose depending on the places you want to visit. You can choose a short route lasting about 2 hours but also a longer one that will last all day.


Do you want to work out in the fresh air, have fun with your friends and enjoy a unique scenery? Then climbing is something you should try! Zaros is located at the foot of Psiloritis, which has a variety of locations that are ideal for climbing for both beginners and advanced climbers.


Throughout Crete but especially in the prefecture of Heraklion there are dozens of traditional villages worth of a visit. Other coastal and other mountainous, each with different features and all of them wonderful. Visit them all year round, get to know their rich history, explore their picturesque alleys and dive in the magic of Crete.


At Nana Apartments you can see traditional musical instruments up close, learn details about
their use and origin and even get one if you wish. Mr. Antonis Stefanakis has been making
traditional musical instruments for years and will teach you all the secrets of his art. Due to
his great experience and the popularity of the village with visitors coming from all over the
world, the work of Mr. Stefanakis has been recognized worldwide with several references in
articles about his contribution to the art of instrument making.