Our beautiful and graphic village, Zaros, is situated 45 kilometres south of Heraklion in a luscious green valley at the foot of Mt. Psiloriti at an altitude of about 450 metres. The village of Zaros constitutes a large part of the southern mountain range Idis, which, in turn, constitutes one of the most interesting mountain ranges of Crete. Famous for its rich waters, abundance in green scenery, canyon, Byzantine monastaries and churches, it is visited by many people on a daily basis, people who soon become large fans. Zaros is an important village which has remained true and hospitable, offering its visitors warmth, relaxation and peace. The perfect destination to come in contact with nature and fellow human beings, enclosed in a relaxing and invigorating environment. The fact that, since ancient times, Zaros has always been inhabitated is due to its large amount of sources with a free flow of water, from which it also got its name: the Greek words Za meaning abundance and ros meaning flow give us the current name Zaros. It is 45 kilometres away from the city of Heraklion and is connected to it via the provincial road Heraklion- Ag. Varvaras- Zaros- Kamares.

The canyon of Zaros

The canyon of Zaros is the second most popular sight in the area. The flora we encounter while crossing the canyon is abundant in flowers and herbs, some of which exist in no other part of Greece. At the end of the route is the Rouvas Forest, one of the last remaining oak forests on the country.

Vrontisiou Monastery

The Vrontisiou Monastery is built on the outskirts of Psiloritis with panoramic views. Its large and clean courtyard and the two age-old plane trees at its entrance welcome the visitor. The warm welcome and hospitality of the abbot of the monastery is a pleasant surprise for the visitor (and makes the stay here unforgettable).

Zaros Lake

The artificial lake of Zaros or Votomos located on the southern slopes of Psiloritis, just 1km north of Zaros and 45km southwest of Heraklion. The area was a small wetland before 1987, which was shaped in the crater of Votomos spring.

Faneromeni Dam Lake

The dam of Faneromeni is located 7km west of the village Zaros and about 7km north of Tympaki. It is located in a scenic location, in a verdant valley at the southern foot of Psiloritis Mount. The artificial lake covers an area of approximately 1000 acres and has a capacity of 20 million cubic meters.

Shelter Samari

The mountain shelter at position Samari is located at an altitude of 1417 meters on the west side of the gorge of Rouvas at Range Psiloritis. It's a single-room stone building with a wooden attic that can accommodate up to 20 climbers. It has 2 W.C., fireplace and there is a possibility for cooking.

Azorias olive tree

The legendary olive tree in Azorias is located 1km south of the village Kavoussi and very close to the homonymous archaeological site of Azorias. This olive tree is a natural monument; it is the oldest olive tree in the world! Indeed, it is grafted on a rootstock of a wild olive tree, making it the oldest sample of grafting in the world.


Don’t forget to visit the Monastary of Ag. Fanourios in the area of Valsamonero, the first religious painting school in Crete. Some have actually reported that it was the school where Ioanni Damaskinos taught the art of religious painting to our great painter Dominikos Theotokopolous.

Walk in the Alleys

It would an oversight to not go for a walk through the alleys of the village and come across the wonderful people and personalities.


See the churches of Ag. Giorgi and Ag. Kiriaki in addition to the ecclesiastical museum of Ieras Mitropolis.

Historical monastaries

The historical monastaries located around the village are an ideal choice for walking or biking, as well as the archeaological sites in Gortina, Faestos and Agia Triada which are only half an hour away from the village and easily accessible by car.

Nearby Beaches

If you are an ocean fan, you can find the beaches of Matala, Kalamaki and Kokkino Pirgo only half an hour away from the village, where you can go and enjoy your swim.